Thank you for your interest in becoming a Hatashita Sports Wholesale Customer.

If you own a dojo or store, and wish to purchase products for resale to your students or customers, then ordering at wholesale is the way to go. You will need to order a minimum of 5 uniforms/products on your first order to be eligible; but, this can be a mix and match of various sizes and styles.

Once qualified, you'll be able to login any time of day or night, see your on-line order history, view the wholesale pricing, and place your order. It's easy.

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to become a Wholesale Customer

We will need to qualify your request which will take only a few minutes. Becoming a wholesale customer entitles you access to shop online using your login name and password which will then allow you to enter into our private wholesale area.

For our current wholesale customers you may sign up for online ordering, or you may simply continue to email us your orders at: Info@HatashitaSports.com or call in your order:(800) 757-7686 or (212) 769-1823.


What are your qualifications to open up a wholesale account?

1. You need to own a club or store and be purchasing for your students
2. You will need to order a minimum of 5 uniforms on your first order. This could be a mix and match of various sizes and styles.

What if I can't order 5 uniforms on my next order but have say only 2 new students that I need gis for?

It's only the first order that you need to purchase 5 uniforms. After that, you may order as many or as few as you like. We also encourage all wholesale customers to keep several gis in the most popular sizes in stock. This way you'll be saving yourself on shipping fees.

I'm already a wholesale customer of Hatashita, do I have to order online from now on and register?

Absolutely not, however we encourage it. That way you may order at any time of day or night and not have to worry about calling during business hours. You may continue to order the way you've always been ordering. Note however, you will only be able to see your order history if you use our online ordering cart.

Can I register online but then just email or call in my orders?

Sure. That way, you can check out the wholesale pricing and then you can just shoot us an email with your order.
Email: Info@HatashitaSports.com.

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